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Stanford Environmental Portal "Stanford has a tremendous amount to offer the world. If we can harness our knowledge and our skills across the sciences, the humanities, engineering, and policy areas, we can help solve some of the greatest societal problems of the century. To ensure that our contributions are useful and used, it is critical that we interact and partner with decision-makers of all kinds, including private and public leaders.
"Pamela Matson, Dean, School of Earth Sciences

Welcome to the Stanford Environmental Portal, a gateway to environmental research and education at Stanford University. Maintained by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, the Stanford Environmental Portal reflects the remarkably wide range of Stanford's environmental science and policy research and educational offerings.

In addition to providing lists of departments, centers and institutes engaged in environmental study, the Stanford Environmental Portal provides links to campus-wide environmental events and news stories featuring Stanford researchers.

Learn more about Stanford's university-wide effort to reduce its environmental impact at Sustainable Stanford.

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